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Learning Serverless Stack

Serverless Stack

For the last year or so I've been focused on trying to learn serverless. I'm dreadful at full stack. I've tried Serverless Framework and Amplify and they are awesome tools. For me, the thing I want, more than anything, is a single stack I can run, where I can see how all my work fits together. Serverless Stack fits that bill for me, while those others didn't quite hit the mark. I also really like serverless stacks tutorial focus. The project is supported by Seed.run which helps manage deployments. Another thing I'm terrible at. So this seems like the stack for me, at least for a little while. This project runs around Amazons CDK which seems like, the right build pattern for me.

Leaving Gatsby for NextJs

I can't really explain when Gatsby got tricky. I was pretty all in on Gatbsy (Amplify too). Recently however, I've decided to switch. Mostly, because of how it seems like Next is really well positioned for a full stack application. I have lots of questions and there's a lot I'm uncertain about. I really dislike the /api pattern. But maybe, I'll decide later that I really like it. Something about Next really bugged me in the beginning. Nonetheless, Next seems to be the default starter for most apps these days, so I'm going to join the crowd. I think it's important to notice when a framework isn't being taken up by the crowd. If that happens, just accept it and move on.

I really want to figure out deciding between API Gateway and NextJs api routes. I'll let time decide on that but that's my main concern just now. Either way, I'm exicted to keep focusing on AWS and in my case, for now at lest CDK via SST.