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Always check responsive sizing

Evaluate all your plugins

Once or twice a year most ecommerce shops and content businesses should do a full audit of the plugins and apps that they are using on their site. Are they as performant as they need to be? Is there a new entrant to the industry that has a superior offering? Is this plugin easy to use and reliable? The story below illustrates why.

Responsize content

One of my favorite small companies is Barbell Medicine. If you're interested in general fitness and powerlifting, they have some super content. I also think they do a great job monetizing in a way that is customer focused. They're not selling anything and everything, they sell products that their audience needs. If you ask me, a company that stays on brand and offers products that are designed for it's audience will win the day every time.


Today I saw this on firefox while visiting their site. Yikes! Poor responsive image text . This kind of thing happens. It's not the end of the world. Especially when you have a good relationship as a content provider like the folks at Barbell Medicine. However, when your brand is smarts and science, you don't want to miss little details. To avoid this kind of mistake there are three main approaches.

  • Pick a new plugin
  • Improve process QA and handle interally with a staging eviroment
  • Hire mechanical turk or outsource QA

I'd suggest a new plugin in this case. There's no shortage of plugins available on WooCommerce, Shopify or BigCommerce for this sort of thing. Handling responsive text, or showing the shop owner multiple views of how their email capture modal will render is relatively trivial. Shop owners don't have time to evaluate the plugin market constantly to see what the best options are. The best shop owners are busy running thier business. If you're running your own shop, re-evaluate your plugins once or twice a year. It's simple maintenace that can keep you from running into this issue. If you're an angency this is simple offering you can do for you clients to help them stay current and avoid little errors.