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Hello! The goal of this site is to be a useful place to keep my general thoughts about web development on the internet. This is not a professional blog. I don't really know anything about blogging. Think of this more as a location for me to keep the useful information I have, perhaps let people know about the things that I make, and experiment with discussing the things about web development.

Things you can expect to find here relate to:

  • ecommerce
  • agencies
  • Gatsby
  • working in public
  • projects and things I've made
  • rants and raves about websites

Things you wont find:

  • news related stuff
  • stuff about how I feel
  • regular updates, expect more when I have time and something to say

I'll do my best to keep this useful, or at least useful adjacent. Thanks for coming by!

If I was any good at marketing, I'd put some content in here and people would sign up for something and I'd turn that into money somehow.

Ecommerce tips from a developer

Straightforward choices a site can make to delight it's customers

Development is difficult work that requires focus, understanding and great attention to detail. An ecommerce site is easy to get started but extremely challenging to grow. While there are ample resources for shop owners to get started there are very few that communicate what a shop owner can do to get the most out of their site from a developers perspective.


Site Reviews

Opportunities a developer sees when they look at your ecommerce site

I do brief site reviews from time to time and post them on the internet. If you'd like me to review your site let me know!


General Ecommerce Thoughts

More broad thoughts around ecommerce and it's ecosystem

Whamboozles abound


Products and Tools

Check out the things I build

I have several tools to help you have more productive hours. None are publicy for sale today and all are in various stages of development. If you have a problem or would like information, sign up on the list!

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