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Hello! The goal of this site is to be a useful place to keep my general thoughts about web development on the internet. This is not a professional blog. I don't really know anything about blogging.

I'll do my best to keep this useful, or at least useful adjacent. Thanks for coming by!

If I was any good at marketing, I'd put some content in here and people would sign up for something and I'd turn that into money somehow.

what one developer thinks

Who knows what the difference between a tip and thought is, it could be anything.

As I learn things, I trying to capture some tips that come up. I wouldn't really think of any of this as a well groomed, clear concept. More general ideas. I try to keep them reasonably grouped by tags. It may very well be that an idea that I have/had that I wrote as a tip is no longer how I see the world. These are more snapshots, in a moment in time, where I think there's something there.


The Process is Black and White

Two friends do a public weekly check-in, as they journey from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur

Vernon and I have been doing the podcast for over a year. Each week, we read a few chapters of a book, share our reflections and talk Philly Sports. We tend to ramble a bit and enjoy this time together. The conceit of the show, is that we can learn together, in public, and we'll be better people and businessmen in the end. We'd be thrilled if you checkout out an episode.


General Ecommerce Thoughts

More broad thoughts around ecommerce and it's ecosystem

Whamboozles abound


Products and Tools

Check out the things I build

I have several tools to help you have more productive hours. None are publicy for sale today and all are in various stages of development. If you have a problem or would like information, sign up on the list!