If I was a person who writes...

I'd have a list of blogs. I'd write to sharpen how I think about things. People who write well seem to be able to express themselves in a way that I find super appealing.

AI won't take your job

Why I'm not at all concerned about AI taking my programming job.


What if instead of Agile, we made it nice?

What if we're all just wrong about how to build software?


Tables are hard in lots of ways

A bunch of examples of tables with React and Tailwind


Interview Questions

I'm pretty godawful at interviewing. One path to improvement is to write my answer to some common interview questions. In theory, this practice will help my answers in real time be a little more structured.


On hiring

I've been thinking about hiring. I struggle with interviews but typically perform at a high level. What's the disconnect?


Testing state machines when loading from context

I was working with useActor for the first time and needed to force some state to write some tests.


Learning Serverless Stack

I'm switching my workflow to serverless-stack.


Helpful setup function patterns for testing

My personal pattern for testing. I picked this up from some folks at work and use it all the time now


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